1. We begin by consulting with you to determine the desired line, shape, form and texture of the curbing. Before any work is started we use water soluble paint to mark the line to be curbed, ensuring you receive the design you want.
  2. Next, if necessary, we will cut a section of sod (roughly 10 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep) to ensure a flat surface to install the curbing on.
  3. As this is being done, we will mix the concrete, dying it to whichever colour you would like and adding fiber meshing which provides added strength to the final product.
  4. Once the concrete is fully mixed, we are ready to begin curbing. Concrete is fed into the extruder machine which moulds the mixture into whichever shape you would like. The plywood forms typically associated with concrete work are not required.
  5. The curbing is then trowelled to ensure smooth edges and prepare it for whichever texture or stamp you would like.
  6. Once the texture and/or stamp have been completed, we install control joints every 3 feet. Control joints involve essentially cutting half way through the curb. The purpose of this is to control any cracking of the curb as the ground shifts underneath it. If the curb cracks, it should crack in the control joint and not be noticeable.
  7. Once everything is finished, we will spray the curbing with a sealer to keep the concrete looking its best for an extended period of time. An average job is completed over the course of a morning/afternoon.