Will my lawn be damaged?

No. Our installations have minimal impact on your yard. Our equipment does not damage grass in any way.

How long does the process take?

The majority of jobs are completed in a morning or afternoon. Large jobs can take a full day but for the most part, we will have the job completed within a number of hours.

Will the curbing crack?

Concrete curbing and walkways – just like any other concrete product – can and will crack over time. We experience very little cracking in our products. We try to avoid this as much as possible by mixing fiber mesh into our concrete to add structural strength to the concrete itself. Still, in our climate that freezes and thaws yearly, tree roots may lift, the ground may shift, etc., which can lead to cracking. In an effort to avoid this, we cut in control joints every 2 to 3 feet. This is designed to give the curb a controlled cracking point and not be noticeable.

Will the colour fade?

Your curb/walkway will be sealed with a cure and sealing agent. This will help protect it from the elements and ensure your colour remains intact.

What maintenance will I need to do to the curbing after it is installed?

As with any concrete product, it is recommended to re-apply a sealant every year or two to keep your curb looking its best. There are a wide variety of different finishes, from matte to a high gloss, are easily applied with either a sprayer or a paint roller, and you can find them at most hardware stores. We also offer re-sealing as a service – please contact us for pricing.

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